Monday, 11 June 2012

Amazing!....From White to Glorious Colour

My student's work from the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference Every time I teach a class, my students absolutely amaze me! I offer materials to work with, suggestions for design, thoughts about my own work and that of other artists. These few thoughts and ideas along with a field trip to collect materials and 'get out into the world' stimulate imaginations far beyond my wildest expectations. Everyone has something different that gets pulled out of their brain. So many tell me that they are 'not artistic' or 'not creative' but look at what they produce. All of this glorious colour from a sheet of white fabric, a few fabric paints and brushes. Over a number of years I have taught many classes in fabric painting, decorating and surface design and each group of my students never cease to amaze me with their creative juices running wild. This was the painting day. Next each person in the group created a small art quilt with piecing and machine embroidery. Look for those pieces in my next post. I would be really pleased to hear your comments about these works. You can now follow my blog by subscribing by email. Have a look at the box at the top right of this page the fill in your email. You can always unsubscribe. I DO NOT GIVE OUT EMAIL ADDRESSES ANYONE.

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  1. It was such a fun class to be in. And I promise to finish up what I did get started and more this year. I may even teach my daught how to do this sew that she can do it with her kindergarden class next year.
    Jackie,I have my challenge 1 piece done for McCall's sew now I can play again with out a time frame for a few weeks.
    in stitches