Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Pow Wow in Kamloops

It was a pretty exciting August. I celebrated a birthday, Mark and I celebrated an anniversary, we moved to a new home, got rid of all sorts of stuff that is no longer needed with condo living and downsizing, went on holidays and met our son's new young lady. Wow, BC can really put on the heat! It was 35 to 40 degrees a couple of weeks ago in Kamloops. Probably still is. We saw lots of interesting places and did neat things during our short stay. Kamloops hosted a pow wow on the weekend that brought aboriginal peoples from all over North America. The entry dance was pretty amazing with it seemed hundreds of people dressed in their 'best' traditional garments...including kids of all ages. It was certainly a family show. Here are some photos from that event. I think there is lots of inspiration for textile and journal work here. Click on the photos to for a larger view. COMMENTS?
More of Kamloops area to come in my next post.