Thursday, 28 January 2016


I went to the Knitting Camp that Haus of Stitches holds each fall ( and spring if you want to go).  My friend Stephanie and I did a wee 8 hour drive across the country in the fall just to do some knitting.  Well there were quite a few of my friends there as well and everyone was making something interesting from the finest mohair shawls to chunky scarfs and mitts.  What a great weekend to just knit, not make the bed, not make meals and just enjoy!
If you want to go in the spring register early!
I learned how to knit with two colours thanks to Peggi and Wendy coaching me and giving minute by minute advice of how to wrap threads around each other so they don't show in the front of the knitting.
Now I have been on a binge of knitting for the wee folks in my life - not the bunnies by the way.
Late Christmas gifts but they will be sent away very shortly.

Here they are!

I bought 4 balls of yarn and still have enough for about two more hats.  I'll have to find some more wee folks to knit for.

Thursday, 21 January 2016


Nuno felting samples for Saskatchewan Stitches Conference in June 2016 - yes I have samples done.  Haus of Stitches in Humboldt Saskatchewan has these on display so you can take and look and caress.  They are light as a feather and fabulous to wear!

Merino wool - the princess of wool garments and silk!  Join me for two days of felting making!

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Here is the last of the garden in our wee yard.  I looks a bit like a fairy home.  We call it the 'broccoli' plant' since that's what it looks like all summer then in fall the 'broccoli' tops turn all dark pink.  What a lovely yard decore for fall in Edmonton.