Friday, 22 March 2013

Isn't It Supposed to Be Spring?

Well, yes, it is!  But in Edmonton you would never know it.  Yesterday the sky fell in least the snow kept coming and coming and coming down until we ended the day with about 24 cm of snow....and for all of you non-metric thinkers, that was about 12 inches that all happened in the morning.  It did continue falling all day but somewhat less as the day went on.

Today driving was interesting as I followed graders all over the south side of Edmonton.  Anyone with a Tonka grader?  Get it out and send along to Edmonton so we can dig our way out of the snow.

I came home early yesterday and spent the afternoon cooking things that could bubble on the stove, preparing a sourdough starter and baking.

I also hunkered down in my studio to work on the current project of printmaking.  A friend went off to Colorado this past summer to take a print making course from a Japanese instructor.  She came home with a fabulouse body of work and really inspired me to get at it.  I have taken a class from Sara on Solar Print Making and want to expand my work in this area.  so I am carving print blocks and finding and developing ideas for more solar prints which I will work on in the spring and summer.

I have finished several projects.  My canvas work embroidered 'Biscornu' is done and was fun.  I am set to start another one.  They are lovely gifts and maybe some day I will use up the embroidery thread that I have collected over years.  I have been working on calligraphy projects following a three week class with my instructor.  I now have lots of new ideas to incorporate into my calligraphic works, books and even thinking of ways to apply this technique to my cloth works.  Look for those ideas in the future.  I have finished another 'Map quilt' for my Saskatchewan class this summer.  I have used the Batoche River Lot survey as my inspiration.  All of you who are planning to take my class this summer might develop some ideas from this project.

The knitted baby blanket is finished and presented to wee Tess.  Where is the photo?  I'll have to run across the street to photograph it again.  Now I have started a knitting project of wrist warmers for myself.

More baby business.  I finished and delivered the quilt to Liam for his first birthday.  Happy Birthday Baby!

That sounds like a pile of work.  However, since I cannot seem to post this
blog more than once a month, I should be able to produce quite a body of work in this amount of time.

DID YOU KNOW that there are wonderful books available showing many different book forms.  I have been devouring these titles from the public library and the Edmonton Calligraphic Society Library.  Here are the titles:
ARTFUL JOURNALS by Janet Takahashi
Alisa Golden.
MICHELLE MILLER from Estevan Sk has had her lovely hooked rug published in the current issue of 'A Needle Pulling Thread'.  Congratulations!

Front and Back of Liams' quilt

Cover of Accordion Book
Made in a printing workshop with the ECS
My Front Yard March 22nd
Calligraphy Class with Jeanine Alexander
Inspired by Joanne Sharpe in Letter Love
Biscornu in Canvaswork Embroidery
And hoping the snow melts soon.  Can't wait for spring!
Here are some photos of the day...