Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring Fever with Cyanotype

Cyanotype or Blueprinting or Sunprinting.  This is called by many names - Cyanotype is correct.  I am teaching this at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference for the Haus of Stitches in early June.  I also have an article published on about making a quilt with cyanotype fabric.  Cloth Paper Scissors tells all about cyanotype in the March/April 2010 Issue No. 29 by well known mixed media artists Linda Blinn and Jane Lafazio.  Even Martha Stewart has gotten into the picture in her magazine "Martha".  Does this mean I will soon be famous with this upcoming trend.  I have been teaching a class using this technique since 2004.  I can't wait until warm weather so that I can get outside and 'blueprint' madly.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Undercover Alphabet

Calligraphy with Attitude.  Nadia inspired our class of ten to calligraph, paint, draw, stick and glue with ATTITUDE.  This mixed media project was my first.  The Journal pages added immensley to my ideas for the Sketchbook project.  We played with many toys like 'S*' coffee cups, bubbles, many went floating around our classroom, elastics, string, pencil holders and paintbrush handles.  What a fun playday with the Edmonton Calligraphic Society and their multi-talented members.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Journal Project

I am working away on my journal.  Trying almost every day to add something.  Journal Spilling was the March focus.  I have worked on Layers for this month.  Adding dryer sheets and tearing the edges.  Layering paint, stamps and lettering.  I am still trying to keep my lettering to some calligraphic style.  Neuland has been my font of choice.  I have many projects on the go to keep myself entertained.  My mind will not focus on any one thing these days so I am dabbling at everything.