Monday, 12 September 2011

Blueprint Quilt

Well now have a look at the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors in letters to the editor.  This quilt is published on that page along with my love note to CPS.  When I received a call from Barbara Delaney asking for permission to publish this photo, I did nearly fall off of my shoes.  Who knew that my work would be displayed in this fabulous publication.
And other than this, I am still felting madly for the Edmonton Weavers Guild fall sale for November 5th at the Strathcona community league.  This weekend is Open House at the guild home so pop around and have a look at the interesting works of our guild members.
My Monarch work is on exhibit at the Muttart Conservatory in a group showing of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society.
I have also just returned home from a brief holiday and have some of my felted scarfs at Bonnie's Fashions in Blairmore, Alberta...really close to Frank Slide.  Drop in there for a look.  And I couldn't resist purchasing yarn at a wee shop in Coleman.  Otherwise I behaved myself on the shopping front.  My darling and I did spend lots of time geocaching and found 10 caches on this vacation.  All of you geocachers can enjoy this bit of information.
Well on with the hunt for some bookkeeping work and felting and geocaching and preserving the summer harvest from my garden.