Friday, 11 July 2014


The Art Walk is on this weekend July 11,12 and 13.  Several of my friends have displays. LynnAnn Babiuk has a fabulous calligraphic display and Sara Norquay is printing in Chapters.  Maybe I'll even know a few more artists.  This is my other life after all.

We spent last week in Kelowna BC at the wedding of long time friends.  Tasted a bit of wine, celebrated airplanes - Larry and Arlene you know what I mean - sat on the beach and walked around the Kelowna lakefront on Canada Day.  I was the only Canadian in the world not wearing red.  But I found a flag to put into my backpack.  Photos?  No!  My photographer is on strike it seams.

This is our summer of weddings.  The neighbour's son is getting married tomorrow and our son is his best man.  Photos?  Yes after tomorrow.

Happy Summer!