Wednesday, 30 December 2015

December thirty

Activities from this year ---Ecoprinting class with Tracy Kuffner.
More photos available on request.  But have a look at Eco-dying Creating Learning on Facebook groups.

Silk damask
Cotton tee shirt

Greys Paper

Felted wool scarf
I just spent 30 minutes writing down all that I did in the last two days - cleaning up office, studio, recovering from Christmas, trying to give away un eaten cookies before I go at them again, reading Ava Lee novels by Ian Hamilton - great detective series, visiting my Red Deer friends, sending Christmas/birthday gifts to Berlin, writing to friends, getting together with a friend who I haven't seen for 6 months - she's been galavanting all over the world - and leaving me behind.  Still more work to do tomorrow to find some kind of clear cover for my teak workdesk in the studio.  Sill knitting Christmas gifts - they will get delivered by next week as they are all wee projects for wee folks.  Generally catching up on my creative self.  And will work on posting to this blog on a regular basis.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I'm baaack!

Can't believe I am finally getting access to this blog again.  Don't know what happened.

Wool quilt sample for SASKATCHEWAN STITCHES CONFERENCE IN THE SPRING OF 2016.  Start collecting wool from your stash your unwanted clothing and even value village to make a quilt from wool (and this one is flannel as well).  It is lovely to sew - and warm on the toes.
More to come.