Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Well finally I can load this photo.  Obviously my computer skills of uploading photos leave something to be desired....or maybe it was a gremlin.

Here are the fingerless mitts that I knit for Daniela for Christmas.  I love them so much that I am starting a pair for myself.  I will be able to txt madly all winter then.

How do you like my knitting?

Today, I am finishing the quilting on Liam's quilt.  It is his 1st birthday this weekend; an appropriate occasion to receive a quilt from his aunty.

Get knitting and here are two books that will get you inspired (besides the snowy, cold weather that is working hard to keep us all indoors).

DID YOU KNOW about two great knitting books:

SOCKTOPUS - Alice Yu - 17 pairs of socks to knit and show off.

101 DESIGNER one - skein WONDERS - Ed. by Judith Durant - A world of possibilities inspired by just one skein

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